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Criteria – According to what criteria the S.U.N.-Certificate is issued?

Before issuing the S.U.N.-Certificate, the following criteria – according to the respective production area and the examined product – will be illuminated and carefully examined by independent reviewers.

In order to guarantee a full independence, the reviewers are not instructed by NatureLife-International, the issuing institution of the S.U.N.-Certificate, but by independent and sworn auditing companies.

After the successful auditing – including the fulfilment of all criteria and the signing of a catalogue of demands and objectives for an optimisation together with an obligatory schedule – the S.U.N.-Certificate is issued for three years.

The following criteria will be examined before the issuance of the Certificate:

Part I: Biodiversity Assessment

  1. Forest Ecosystems
  2. Agro-Ecosystems
  3. Grassland Ecosystems
  4. Aquatic Ecosystems
  5. Special Ecosystems and Habitats

Part II: Carbon Sequestration

  1. Concerns to be Addressed
  2. Procedure and Calculation of Sequestration

Part III: Green Farming/Production and Management

  1. Land-Use and Land-Management Types to be Considered
  2. Requirements for Plant Production
  3. Fundamentals of Site Management

Part IV: Faire Trade and Benefit Sharing

  1. Monetary Benefits
  2. Social Justice and Non-Monetary Benefit
  3. Technical Benefits
  4. Indirect Benefits