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Motivation – The philosophy behind the S.U.N.-Certificate

  • The steadily increasing extinction rate of animal and plant species, the increasing impoverishment of people on this globe as well as the shortage of our resources are being dramatically intensified by the effects of global climate change. In addition, environmental problems increasingly threaten prosperity, security, and peace.
  • Globalisation clearly illustrates that environmental issues are internationally linked to each other and that environmental problems do not stop at country borders. More than ever, ecological and economic measures to safeguard the future have to be considered in an international context.
  • Today, nobody is able to meet the involved social challenges on his or her own.
  • More than ever, we need an undogmatic conversation on nature and an unbiased and tolerant cooperation of different parts of society.
  • Our guidelines concerning nature preservation and environmental precautions are to do this in cooperation with, not against the involved people, and to focus our activities with our partners on common interests instead of emphasising differences of opinion.
  • In terms of the United Nations’ sustainable development objectives and concerning the urgently needed conservation of our global natural heritage, it is necessary to include the protection of biodiversity into the certification principles of products – especially to create a higher degree of transparency for consumers and business. The S.U.N.-Certificate ® considers these aspects.